How Should You Get Involved With Your Local Community?


The first question, how do you think it is best to get involved with your local community? I don't have a local community. I live in New York City. That's true. I don't know what they're talking about. I know. Well, okay, let's think about this. Okay. I think there's something about this. I mean, you could write a book on this. Being grounded in the world in which we live has become increasingly difficult because of the Internet and our addiction to the digital world and screens. So it means more now than ever. To have local relationships to know the name of your mailman to the stores you go to to the none of the names of the clerks, I think that all of that is really actually important and it's kind of like health or like flossing or like these things are important for everybody if you want to lead a healthy life and emotionally healthy life. But in terms of being involved in your local community, it all depends on what it is that appeals to you, but I would say being involved. First of all, always, I would say, find a vibrant church community. That's the first thing. That's really key. That's the key to the whole thing. That's the most important thing. But beyond that, you should be involved well beyond that. As well. And I would say, because of the massive election fraud and theft and criminal activity in the United States of America in the last election, everybody should get involved at their polling stations and get involved in being an observer at a polling station. This is the scandal of the century folks of our lifetimes, the idea that Americans are not getting their voice heard at the polls. That would be like huge folks. Please get involved.

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