Biden Depletes Oil Reserves as Poll Numbers Tank


So Trump blasts the depletion of the strategic oil reserve. I want you guys to know Trump that hadn't been filled in decades. Trump filled it up 593.6 million barrels of oil. Biden is going to deplete one third of that. That is only supposed to be used in case of emergencies, like in case of an emergency break the glass. Biden is doing that. Sadly, inflation and soaring rinse and the housing crisis continues under the Biden administration, but there's some good news and I want to bring you that good news from my headline Biden's poll numbers somehow keep getting worse praise God. So people aren't falling for it. You would think that at some point, president Joe Biden are president select Biden's poll numbers couldn't get any worse. So far, you would be wrong. And NBC News poll found that Biden is now at 40% approval. The lowest level of his presidency with 55% of people disapproving of his job performance

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