Who is Dr. Stephen Turley?


He is doctor Steve turley, the author of numerous essential works. I'm just going to mention the return of Christendom also the new nationalism and the one that one of our team here says has the most beautiful color cover beauty matters. Steve turley welcome back to America first one on one. Doctor Sabbath is wonderful to be back with you. Thank you so much for having me. You are a busy man. It is hard to keep up with you the amount of content you put out there. For those who missed our last discussion, it just give us a little potted of who Steve is. What he studied and what you talk about most often. Yeah, thank you for that. I started a YouTube channel about 5 and a half years ago is actually November 1st, 2016. Of course, when an election was coming up right around that time. And I predicted that Donald Trump was going to win because I thought this was going to be a Brexit election based on the studies that I did at Durham university with where I got my PhD out across the pond there. I came across some studies called post secular study. This is back in 2009 or so 2010. And they basically were making the argument that the old globalist world order is more or less dead and a much more traditionalist national sovereignty based world order was rising. I didn't believe it at the time. I didn't have any evidence of that with Obama. They were using Russia as an example or India or some Middle Eastern nations and I just thought that was so far removed. But when I started seeing Brexit heat up, that's when I started to see, oh, so this is what they're talking about. And then when Donald Trump on the campaign trail started referring to himself as call me mister Brexit. I realized we've got something. There's some trends here that are very predictive and thank God they brought you and others like you into the sphere of The White House and I've been doing it ever since November 1st, 20 2016. And boy, we're almost about to hit 900,000 subs on YouTube if you can

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