Elon Musk Reaches Deal to Buy Twitter


I'll be honest, I was cynical. I was very cynical leading into this. I was skeptical and cynical, I should say. To think that Elon Musk would be able to pull off a purchase of Twitter, seemed impossible. Albeit almost just incomprehensible. You see, we have grown conditioned to believe that the ruling class, the people in charge of our country, the elites, their largely untouchable. There's very little we could do to actually challenge their power. In fact, I was asked a question last week at university to Wisconsin Milwaukee with Candace Owens. And we both kind of had the attitude that it's very unlikely that Elon Musk will be able to pull this off. That Elon Musk, despite being the world's richest man, will be met with poison pill measures and backlash at every turn that Elon Musk will, despite having more money and more access to capital, he will struggle to be able to navigate the kind of deep state tactics of corporate America. But today, even though we've been very skeptical, it looks like this is more likely than not to happen. Twitter shares jump today on reports the company is nearing a deal with Elon Musk that could be announced as soon as today. Twitter's board met with Sunday to discuss Musk's financing plan for his proposed bid. The board negotiated with Musk into the early hours of Monday, according to The New York Times, their investment bankers are telling the Twitter board like you better look at this deal very carefully and closely because it is way overvalued way over what the company is actually valued at, which is closer to $30 a share. Musk is offering, I think, 42 to 43 to $44 a share upwards of $50 a share. The lawsuits, the backlash would have been overwhelming. And Twitter is left with really no choice. They would have been slammed with fiduciary complaints. I would have joined it as well as I own two shares of Twitter in case this goes to a tender offer. I want to be able to vote for Elon's takeover. And it looks like this deal could get

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