U.S. Shortage Led Parents to Order European, Black Market Baby Formula


There are large Facebook groups devoted to European formulas she writes where parents share spreadsheets and detailed notes on ingredients and how these formulas compare in their U.S. counterparts she notes This was written a year ago Some caregivers report choosing them because European brands offer certain formula options like those made from goat's milk Our mug from Pasteur from pasture raised cows Which are rare nonexistent in an FDA regulated form in the U.S. Other European brands because of the perception that the formulas are of a higher quality And that European formula regulations are stricter she wrote So on this sort of black market it turns out Americans are willing to pay big bucks for European formula Zelensky says that on one website selling EU baby formula you'll find German imports that run roughly $26 for a 400 gram box Which is about quadruple the price of the top U.S. baby formulas recommended by the times Now at times these nefarious black market imports have resulted in high profile busts like in April 2021 when U.S. customs and border protection agents in Philadelphia seized 588 cases of baby formula and valued at $30,000 that violated the FDA's quote import safety regulations So European babies are drinking this stuff left and right you see But our FDA won't allow these formulas into the United States Some may contend the FDA is simply keeping Americans and their babies safe which is no doubt what regulators want you to believe But this overlooks an inconvenient fact despite the FDA's efforts Americans are consuming vast amounts of black market baby formula and the children are doing just fine

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