David Gergen, Author, on His New Book, 'Hearts Touched With Fire'


In Hart's touch with fire. You also work for Ford. Now Jerry Ford, Jim Cavanaugh is the chairman of my board at the Nixon library. The chairman of the Ford board. And we've talked a lot about Nixon and Ford and their differences. Jerry Ford could never get elected president from the go. I mean, he could have won reelection. He could have won in 76, had things differently. What'd you do for porg? What did I do before? Well, I stuck around. During the next years, I had become, I was first hired by Ray Price, coming up his assistant ray was running a speech on the show. His speech writing and research. And I was his go to Gopher guy. I was very junior at the time. And anyway, I got promoted up through the ranks and then ray at one point said I'd like to be sort of a senior counselor. And I was asked by bob Paul the man if I would run this speech writing and research shop. So which I did. And for about a year,

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