Rick Klein's Analysis of the Senate Midterm Elections


And they know that the midterm election is coming. Here was ABC's Rick Klein talking to George Stephanopoulos yesterday on ABC's this week. Yeah, George, you know that they were in a tough spot when it comes to holding the House and Senate. But when you look at the Senate, it's a 50 50 Senate. It means Republicans only need to take one seat. But what's interesting is that not all the seats are up. Of course, only 35 Senate seats on the ballot and in that group that's 21 that are now held by Republicans 14 by Democrats. That means that Republicans have to play a lot more defense than they do the opportunities for offense. And when you zoom in a bit on the states that are likely to determine control of the Senate, these are the 9 states that are probably going to tell us who's going to be the majority and who's going to be in the minority. And 5 of them are controlled by Republicans only four by Democrats. That means if you're the Republicans, you've got to not only hold your seats, but then go on offense somewhere. That means picking up maybe an Arizona or a Georgia. Both states, of course, that went to the Democrats in 2020. Or you have to move into deeper blue territory and Nevada or a New Hampshire. That all assumes that the Democrats don't find any places of their own to pick up. And there's a couple of states that were carried by President Biden or were very close last time. They were targeting, including Pennsylvania, the primary on Tuesday, a spirited democratic fight, and an opportunity that Democrats see to win even in a very tough election cycle.

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