The Torture and Imprisonment (and Love) of Richard Wurmbrand


I'm sitting here in the studio with Todd nettleton. He is with voice of the martyrs. Actually, he's the host of voice of the martyrs radio on a thousand plus stations, you were just mentioning before, I want to get to your book when faith is forbidden. But you were just mentioning that when Richard finally gets out of prison, the communists, I mean, so wicked that he had been tortured, he'd had tuberculosis. So you said when you get out of prison, they told him, you know, your body is so broken that maybe you've got a year left. Yeah. There's so many amazing things about this story. The going rate for a political prisoner at that time was $1500 to the Romanian government. The price for Richard was $10,000. So he was considered a high value target. And like you say, will the doctors examined him? He'd had TB. He'd been tortured again and again and again. They said pastor Rembrandt, you know, you probably only have a year left. God allowed him 30 more years and he traveled the entire world, telling the story of his own torture, his own persecution, but then also, hey, there are still pastors behind the iron curtain. There are still pastors in those prisons. And really, the voice of the martyrs was founded when Christians like you and I, we hear that, and we say, okay, well, how do we help them? That's really how the voice of the martyrs was founded was to be a way to help you. And so let's be clear. There are people all around this world right now, imprisoned, suffering, persecuted, tortured for their faith, killed for their faith, we need to know that. We need to stop pretending like Christianity is my pathetic little church in the suburbs. Folks, we don't deserve to live in a country where we get to drive in our SUV to our church, whatever there are people around the world suffering. That's the

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