Sgt. John Mattingly's Life Has Been a Living Hell


Sergeant Mattingly talk about what else is. How many different places have your family ended up living? Talk to us about access to lawyers, lawyers for you for other members of the team. It sounds like your life has become a living hell since this incident. It's been, it's been something that movies couldn't even, if you saw all this stuff in movies, you wouldn't think it was real. And I never thought I would be in this situation either. You think it won't happen to you or at least not to this extent. So yeah, we've been to we've had to move 6 different times. We've I think we're finally in a place we're staying, but when you're freeloading off people trying to find locations and trying to sell the house, we have just bought, then there's a lot of stress involved in that. And what I want to let people know, especially the people who are the pundits who were the liberal media who, the ones that attack you on social media, when you attack me, that's fine. You know, I had 21 years of police work where you get pretty callous to a lot of things. But our families aren't used to that. And they're innocent in all this. The children, the grandchildren, the parents, my wife, so all these things are external stressors that are hard to deal with. And unfortunately, like you were talking about the lawyers in mobile, here was that this was a huge one. When all this came down and we knew that there were potential charges against us from the state, then we reached out to the best attorneys and Louisville because that's who you want representing you correct. You think, okay, lawyers don't care. I mean, they represent murders and rapists and child molesters and all that surely they'll represent me. It's wrong. None of us could get a lawyer in Louisville and you'd call them and you go, man, can you represent me? Ah, I've got a conflict of interest or, oh, I just ain't going to work out. Nobody would be honest, except one lawyer finally told me the truth. And he said, John, you know this would ruin my career. This is my business. You know who I represent. I would love to help you. My wife's freaking out because anybody that helps you always get doxed and attacked and we're scared to do it. So he was the only one that had the courage to tell me the truth and I appreciated that, but it's sad that you can't even get fair representation because you're a police officer.

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