The Whitmer Kidnapping Defendant Who Was Trapped by the FBI


The indefatigable Julie Kelly has tracked down one of the Whitmer kidnapping defendants. This is the guy who got off. He was exonerated because the jury realized that he had been entrapped by the FBI and Julie has an exclusive interview with this guy. His name is Brandon casar down. But and he's gone through a horrible two year ordeal. Involving losing his job involving incarceration. Of course, the familiar FBI raid, the kind of massive demonstration of power almost a shock and awe type of campaign. So Julie gives a little bit of background. She says that this fellow Brandon cassata was charged along with other defendants, 5 defendants, Adam Fox, Thai garden, Caleb Franks Barry Croft, and a guy named Daniel Harris. These are the people who were charged. Now, what the interview reveals is the sort of naivete of these guys and how they were targets of the FBI from the beginning. And by the beginning, I mean, before the plot was even hatched. That's what's so telling about it. So here's talking now to Julie. And he says, you know, I was kind of locked down under a COVID court. I was stuck in my apartment with most of my family out of state. I was just trying to find people to network with. So this is the COVID frustration and the anger, by the way, at the left and imposing these lockdowns, interestingly, that was a factor here in what got these guys to demonize Whitmer and think, oh yeah, it'd be kind of cool if we so these are big talkers, these are guys who buy and large have difficult lives with not a whole lot going on and they're looking for other like minded people who give them a sense of camaraderie. So what happens is this fellow brand in Casa goes online and in June, a leader of a group called the Wolverine Watchmen, a self styled kind of militia group, basically tells casar that they are inviting him to firearms training in Michigan. Firearm streams. This guy's like, yeah, in lockdown, I wanna get out of the house. Little does he know that this being organized by not a guy named quote big Dan. And guess who big Dan is? An FBI informant. He is in a sense cooking up the plot.

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