Who Is the Front Runner in the PA Senate Primary?


Is Dave McCormick going to be able to win with a closing kick tomorrow in the Pennsylvania GOP Senate primary as I have judged him the only Republican capable of beating John fetterman in the fall. Well, you're right. He is the only candidate to beat fetterman in the poll. I don't know, did you see yesterday to John fetterman have stroke? I did. I saw this morning his comments that he's fully recovered and no mental damage. And that is good news. Yeah, I chatted with, yeah, he's fine. But anyways, so I had thought all along that McCormick would pull it out, even when Trump endorsed Oz, even when Trump came in and held his rally, which had less than a thousand people at it. And but then he went scorched earth on McCormick. And when he went scorched earth on the cormick, Oz rally was used that as an ad in the net drove up McCormick's negatives, which he had barely any that made Barnett run and she rose up last week, like an insurgent candidate tends to do, but I think she peaked Wednesday and started to fall under the scrutiny.

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