Dinesh Answers Ben Shapiro's Questions About '2000 Mules'


But I want to talk now about a couple of well, just responsible questions, raised about the film. By Ben Shapiro, and by others, one of them is simply this. Hey, dinesh, we do not see in the film. The same guy making multiple trips to a Dropbox. In other words, making more than one Dropbox visit, the same guy. Not different people doing it. And we know that you have geo tracking showing it, but we don't see it. Now, this is true. But let me tell you why it's true. And it's true because most of these drop boxes, sadly, have no surveillance footage. They just don't. And so even though the geo tracking, by the way, the geo tracking is more reliable than video footage for the same reason that DNA is more reliable than an eyewitness. DNA shows you you'd left a hair or a drop of blood on the crime scene and it's your DNA you were there. Now, an eyewitness could be mistaken. It could be people who look similar, so eyewitness evidence is good on top of the technological level. And so if geo tracking shows, a mule going from one Dropbox to another to another to another, let's say between two and 3 a.m. in the morning and it turns out that on the 5th Dropbox that happens to be surveillance footage and you know that this guy was there at a specific moment in a day and time and you look on the video at that day and that time and there he is, boom, you've proven your case. You've established it clearly that geo tracking supports the video, the video confirms the geo tracking, so it seems to me what Ben Shapiro is kind of asking for is unreasonable. It's kind of like saying, you've got a serial killer, you went to 5 different homes and committed a murder, you left his DNA, by the way, all of them. We have the DNA. We know he was there. And Ben's like, well, wait a minute. I don't see video of him in all 5 homes. Well, yeah, that's because there's only one home that had cameras, and he is on the camera at the exact time that you would expect there he is. But because the other homes didn't have cameras, I can't show you him, even though I can prove definitively through technological evidence that he was, in fact,

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