Amanda Wray on Her Case Against the Scottsdale School Board


I am so pleased to welcome to the show Amanda ray, she is a Scottsdale mom who is now suing the school board for compiling a very, very creepy dossier about her and other parents in that school district who were fighting back against mandates who get CRT against all of the things that we rail about rail against on this show. Amanda ray, welcome to the Charlie Kirk show. Good morning, Andrew. Well, good morning to you as well. And you're in the Phoenix area. You are, you have chosen to take a bold stand and to fight back, we just had this story that broke this morning that despite assurances from Merrick Garland that parents were not being surveilled. They were not being labeled domestic terrorists or under investigation by the FBI for opposing such things as mandates. We now know that's not true. There's a whistleblower who has come forward and has shared that information with Jim Jordan, congressman Jim Jordan. Out of Ohio, we now know that that's actually happened in dozens of cases. You are a mom that's fighting back. It's very public. There was a whole press conference last week. You were joined by Dylan law group and Charlie Kirk was standing behind you as well. As well, what's going on here? Are you worried that you're on a watch list? You know, at this point, hearing this news, it's shocking, but I guess I wouldn't be surprised. It's amazing to me that what started in August of 2020 when we were just going to board meetings and asking for in person education for our children and to prioritize kids when we knew that they weren't at risk for COVID. We were met with such resistance and come to find out we were being surveilled by a school board member, his father, and there's even evidence that they were colluding with the school district in order to monitor our social media and to track our comments. And appearances aren't everything, but I don't really fit the bill of a domestic terrorist. I don't have a parking ticket on my record. So to be, it sounds outlandish, but I wouldn't be surprised if somewhere there's a tag on me

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