Scott Powell's 'Rediscovering America' Examines 11 National Holidays


When you write about the national holidays, right? What is the most obscure one? Because we can all talk about we talk about Christmas 4th of July and I want to. But what how granular do you get? Well, there are 11 national holidays where actually people, if they work for government, they have the day off. I added one more holiday, a national observance holiday called constitution day, and that's on September 17th, which is the day in which the constitution was signed by all the participants or by all but a very few. As far as obscurity goes, people mix up Veterans Day and Memorial Day. They're distinctly different. I think Labor Day is kind of an odd holiday. No one really knows what it means except that it comes at the end of the summer and it used to be a time of barbecues and the last beach hurrah before going back to school and work my favorite holidays are Christmas and Easter. And you can understand why. I mean, they are actually the foundational holidays of our country. We might think that it's Thanksgiving. Well, Columbus discovered the country Columbus day and Thanksgiving. But in fact, it is really the biblical background and the Protestant reformation that came that really that really gave birth to the modern age, freedom and democracy where people have rights, God given unalienable rights where people have equal value. They're all equal before God, a priesthood of all believers. These were unknown concepts.

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