Duke beats Texas Tech 78-73 to send Coach K to Elite 8


Arkansas beat a number one seed in the tournament for the first time knocking out Gonzaga seventy four sixty six JD notate had twenty three points seven rebounds and six assists for the Razorbacks diesel we came here to do co said before we left Fayetteville if we want to win and then don't get on the plane so I feel like week brought it the whole time we hear Jaylen Williams chipped in seventeen points and grabbed thirteen rebounds as Arkansas reached the regional final for the second straight year you could dance to the elite eight in its final season under coach Mike she chef ski Jeremy Roach had a pair of buckets while the blue devils put together a late seven O. run in a seventy eight seventy three victory over Texas tech Polemon Carroll led Duke with twenty two points Mark Williams scored sixteen Roach added fifteen I'm Dave very

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