The Inspiring Story of Raido GM Barb Yoder


General manager of the radio station that carries our show in the Tampa Bay Area, really our flagship station since I live in Florida now full time, barb yoder is a pretty amazing woman. She's the general manager of AMH 60 the answer she runs the cluster of Salem radio stations in the Tampa Bay, saint Pete Clearwater region. And she's a pretty remarkable woman. She's a cancer survivor. And as somebody who has followed her for years and worked with her, that was pretty tough for all of us, not to mention what she went through, and yet she beat it. And when she beat cancer, the journey she was on was inspirational to anyone who knows her because being the strong person of faith that she is, she never, ever expressed any doubt or reluctance to embrace the idea that God had this that God was in control no matter what the outcome God had this. And you know that about people of faith, you know that deeply spiritual believers. Understand that no matter what adversity you face, God has this. It may not be the outcome you want, maybe it will. And thank God in barb yoder's case, it was exactly the outcome that we had all been praying for. She beat it, she is fit and healthy and ever smiling and a great presence in my life.

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