What Kind of America Did Ronald Reagan Inherit?


Out, let's take a quick history moment here. Reagan came to presidency in 80 and the lady election came in at 81 in which we had just been through probably some of the tougher 6 years of country has been through and if you want to take it back into the Vietnam wartime in the 60s, probably the next 15 to 20 years. When he came into office, America's standing in the world was low. Our the hostages were released, the Iranian hostages were released on the day on the right after he was inaugurated. President Carter had been dealing with this. It was on the TV every night, day one, day 20, day 40, day, 80, day 90, day, 200. It became just an obsession in our country during this time and Carter's administration we had the oil embargo. We had gas process. We had the malaise speech by Carter, where everybody just felt like, you know, wow, this is this isn't a good place. And you saw crime you saw the other issues. And Reagan came forward with a message that basically was one of reminding us of who we are. Sometimes in life when things are going wrong when things are going by. Sometimes in life, you need to have someone remind you who you are. Who you are in the sense of a country who you are in the sense of a person in a place and Reagan did that. And that was one of the things his perspective was of a long-term view, not just a short term view. So many times in politics now, we have a two or four year vision. And Reagan was reminding, I think, here as he looked out across those windows, was describing those scenes. He was describing our nation as a whole and the journey that we have been through. That is something we don't hear enough of today. We hear more of what is the immediate treatment. What's that actually going to happen today? What happened three years ago? What's going to happen to very seldom? Do we look back more than just an administration or two unless we're trying to find bad examples? Instead, Reagan looked across the span of history and took out the fact that we are freedom and looking at that, he wanted to discuss

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