Ashley Varner's Start in Politics, Protesting Against Professors


Protesting outside your professor's houses? Was that the way I interpreted that? Well, no, we were on campus, but we were right across the street from our professors protesting. Yeah, I've been involved in politics from a young age. I think my mother for that. She had Rush Limbaugh on in the house every day from the time I was 9 years old. I was listening to him, so I knew that I wanted to go into politics. I thought that I wanted to get out of Missouri for a while at saint Joseph was a small town for me at the time, and I just couldn't wait to get to Washington D.C.. Just as an aside, Doug now when I explain the difference between saint Joseph, Missouri and Washington, D.C. to each other, I say the difference is when you meet someone new in Washington, D.C., they ask, what do you do? And they are sizing you up to see, are you worth my time? And when you're in Missouri, and you meet someone new and they ask, what do you do? They mean, do you hunt? Do you fish? Do you have a boat? What do you do? So that's the very stark difference between the two and I appreciate Missouri more and more as long as I've lived in the swamp, but I got involved in politics. I campaigned with my local Republican Party in the 1996 elections. I've still in high school, I went to college Republicans at the university of Missouri. I was the chairman of mizu college Republicans when 9 11 happened. And we got flyers. We saw flyers up around campus that two weeks after 9 11, there were going to be protests against any war, you know, food not bombs, and it was led by our professors in the political science department. So as chairman of college Republicans, I said, nope, let's get together. We're going to have campaign sign making party pizza and we're going to make signs patriotic messages, God love our troops,

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