Josh Mandel: Why I Joined the Marine Corps


You served in the military Tell ohioans and the rest of America a little bit about that Sure did a couple of tours in the Marine Corps in Anbar province Iraq did my small part I was inspired into the Marine Corps by my grandparents One of my grandfathers was a Holocaust survivor liberated by American troops Maya other grandfather served in the United States Army air corps and I grew up in a family that was fiercely patriotic and one that believed we have a duty to serve this country and a duty to serve a cause greater than our own personal self interest and that's why I joined the Marine Corps And how old were you when you joined the Marine Corps Just out of college and I actually joined as an enlisted marine in a most college guys going as officers but I wanted to serve in enlisted ranks went through parris island and as I mentioned did my two tours in Anbar province the first tour our mission was to stop the flow of foreign weapons and foreign fighters across the Syrian border We were the first marine battalion out of the Syrian border and then our second tour was in a town called haditha which is also in onboard province and mission of our unit was to do security operations there in the Edith a triad area

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