Coach Chan Gailey on the Current State of Football Coaching


The one thing you said is sort of interesting to me is the head coach setting the tone. And I think this sort of sets up very well and Dan Reeves is one that people need. I think more coaches should look at his style and how he didn't think he was never the most flashiest out front, but he got the job done. And as we come into a time like this, you talk about learning how to set up practices and other things, you know, the mechanics of football. But Dan also took the time when you said to trust, is that becoming such a, I mean, is that one of the issues that we're seeing now coach with teams and NFL's where your owners, the interplay between coaches, coaching staff, owners is not what it used to be, where you had that central dominant sort of head coach figure. Well, unfortunately, coaching right now is no different than society. It's a society. You know, what's in it for me, what's good for me, so everybody's trying to protect their entity and you have, from when I started in mid 80s to now, I see a bigger disparity between the trust level between front office and coaching staff. And ownership and front office and coaching staff. It's just become more divided rather than becoming more together. And really, right now, the people that have the most patience are the Steelers. And through the years, it's proven out. They've got patients. They've got trust. They found the guy. They believe in and they go with him and they don't bail at the first sign of the adversity and so it's been it's been, it was fun to be a part of their organization for the four years. I was there. And to see them because they, to me, they are really unique right now.

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