Rankings: Which States Handled COVID the Best?


Who handled COVID the best? Who handled the Fauci virus the best what states were the ones that were able to withstand the damage both with death, education, businesses. So there's a study out of the national bureau for economic research. And based on this article and I'm reading a little bit into this, but not too much. It seems as if they did a blended metric where they put death rates, business closures, education outputs all into one. So they didn't just do death rates. They didn't just do case rates. They didn't just do business. They put it all into one. How they weighed it, I don't know. But it seems to be a very non partisan group. It doesn't seem to be as if this is a partisan. So what the national bureau for economic research came out and said, is they ranked what states did best in response to the Fauci virus. The national bureau of economic research is an American private nonprofit research organization tied to the MIT and Harvard, the Massachusetts institute for technology and Harvard. So this is as nonpartisan as it's going to get. Okay? The state they say that did the best, despite their ridiculous politicians, but they have great people. Utah. Second best South Dakota. Remember governor Kristi Noem was just attacked from every direction for her response to the virus. Then interestingly, Vermont, which I could be an outlier, I don't know how they responded to a lot of different things. Also a very rural state. So that's something to think about. Then Montana led wonderfully by our friend and supporter of turning point USA governor gianforte, then number 5, ah. No, I'm sorry. No, number two is Nebraska. I got myself messed up. Number two is Nebraska led by governor ricketts number 5 was Kristi Noem. Sorry I was going through this too quickly. And yes, I do know the difference between Nebraska and South Dakota. And then number 6 Ron DeSantis, number 7 New Hampshire,

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