Pennsylvania Senate Candidate Kathy Barnette Sets the Record Straight


But Kathy, I like you. I've known you for, I don't know, 6, 7 years ever since you came on Fox with a national security moms. And so I've spoken about the latest attacks against you with somebody who served in the military in the reserves and knows these records. So I want to give you an opportunity in front of millions of people to answer these questions, put them to bed and then we'll see who wins this race. So in the records that you've released from your campaign yesterday in a book about you, there are questions as to officer candidacy school. What your MOS was two months of additional federal service that we don't know what it was for, whether you actually worked for the CID or were of VO a wheeled vehicle mechanics. I want to just give you the opportunity. Talk about your military record and clarify anything that you think needs clarification. Yeah, listen, my military records are right there in front of people now. Yesterday, let me just say, I've been running for 13 months. And only yesterday did mainstream media want to even talk to me. And I've been in a statistical tie for first place for at least four weeks, right? So for at least four weeks, I should have been on their radar, except they just wanted to talk about the two rich men and pretend there was no one else in this race. So the only people who have been derelict in their duty here has been mainstream media because I've been here for 13 months and at least in a statistical tie for first place for the last four weeks. But in regards to my military records, I served three years in the army reserves and I was assigned to the CID, the criminal investigation detachment. My MOS was 71 Lima when I came out as a administrative specialist three years there moved back to Alabama and third with the National

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