Putin Takes Mariupol, Faces Defeat in Donbas Region


Putin takes mariupol, the battle for Mario pull is over, but wider Donbass victory slipping from his reach. This is from Reuters. Even as the Kremlin prepares to take full control of the ruins of mariupol city and faces a growing prospect of defeat in its bid to conquer all of Ukraine's eastern Donbass because it's badly mauled forces lack the manpower for significant advances. Western weaponry bolsters Ukraine's combat power analyst says Russia's forces are unlikely to be vanquished quickly even if there's no major new troop deployment materializing, setting the stage for the four week battle of the Donbass to be just grind on. Quote, I think it's either going to be a defeat, but the current force posture for Russia or mobilize the whole country. I don't think there's any middle ground, according to a Russian consulting firm. We shall see.

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