Republicans and the Minority Vote With Tim Parrish


I look at a GOP establishment that either writes off minorities like Asian and black or thinks that they simply, they don't know what to say, how to do the outreach. I look at the four years of the Trump administration with the increased popularity, more Hispanic, more black votes for him after four years in 2020. Am I wrong about the GOP? Do we know how to talk to them? You were telling me some amazing stories about just shocking lack of understanding. We don't. Doctor gorka and it's unfortunate and it's sad and it's costly because as we go into a cycle after election cycle, we don't, as a party, particularly the establishment, know how to engage with those from diverse communities. And we don't know how to tell our story. A story that has actually resonates with the diverse communities more than any other political group, but also we've been very reactive. We've actually settled on just being reactive. We let the other side lie and paint our picture for us. And then we react to that. And it's already going this thing. No, we're not racing. Exactly. Right. Exactly. That's the best we got. The letters, oh, you're racist. No, no, no. No. That's them controlling the narrative.

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