Astronaut Charlie Duke Is a Man of Faith


Folks, welcome back. I'm talking to general Charlie duke who 50 years ago today, walked on the surface of the moon. Before we go farther, Charlie, you're a man of faith. When did that happen in your life? It was not during the time that we're talking about 50 years ago was subsequent to that. Yes. It did. I get a question a lot. Said, going to the moon change your life. It did not. But I came back. I'd always believed in God. We were church doors, took our family every Sunday to our little Episcopal Church and report Texas anyway, but I was frustrated. I was 36 when I landed on the moon, and now climbed a ladder of success now what I had no peace, a marriage was falling apart. And fortunately, some people came to, in 1975, some people came to our little parish church, and they started talking about Jesus. Personal testimony. In an Episcopal Church, that's unheard of. Back then, it was okay. But not right now, it's hard. But. My wife listen intently. And she was on the verge of suicide. And this was in October 1975. And she heard these people and she realized I've tried everything in my life, but Jesus. And so after the weekend was over, she went in a bedroom prey. More Jesus, if you realize I gave you my life, if you're not, I want to die. Well, Jesus came into our life. He's alive in two months later, I watched a change from sadness to joy.

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