Kenny Xu Shares Shocking Statistics About Ivy League Admissions


Will you just share with us some of the shocking statistics that you divulged at the conference in New Jersey, then yesterday on my show on newsmax when it comes to the barriers, the official barriers that are being put in place by deans of admissions by the directors of admissions at these very prestigious schools in America. So give us the nuts and bolts because I think most people will not believe what is being done to the Asian American community. Yeah, this is the results of my investigation in my new book and inconvenient minority. And the results are staggering. They are staggering. Asian Americans have to score 440 points higher on the SAT to have the same chance of admission as a black person. And a 150 points higher to have the same chance of admission as a white person. Asians actually score highest academically in the admissions process to Harvard. They score highest extracurricular and then Harvard penalizes Asians by calling them the lowest on this personality score. Now, what is a personality score you may ask? It's a test of what they call a likeability, good humor, leadership, skills, it's very subjective in Asian seem to pass with flying colors to get the highest scores on alumni interviews because the highest scores and teacher recommendations, a second highest on counselor recommendations. But Harvard rates the lowest anyway. Very suspicious. Seems like Asians are being discriminated in this process.

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