Producer Andrew Discusses the Speculation Around the SCOTUS Leak


We have been speculating on this show to what extent would the left rise up in their frustration at the leaked Dobbs decision, which demonstrated that in a 5, four majority, roe V wade, and Planned Parenthood V Casey were both going to be overturned. Alito was the drafter in that leaked decision. Now, a lot of people are speculating who leaked it. A lot of people are speculating who's going to be caught if that leaker is going to be brought to justice. Senator Ted Cruz has been speculating that it would come out of Kagan's clerkships. Now, something interesting to note here with the clerkships, each justice only has four clerks, so you've got 9 justices. You've got four clerks each. That is a very small potential pool of candidates and leakers. Now, senator Cruz says that it was likely Kagan, though he has no evidence. But based on a hunch, he believes that it was probably Kagan's because she is the most hardened partisan on the bench. Now our friend will Chamberlain, who came on the show last Friday and gave his breakdown of who he thought it was. But regardless of who the leaker is, it has set off wide street, widespread, protest, activists, and the like around the whole houses of these justices, which is despicable.

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