The Rise of Leon Trotsky & Communism


Trotsky was perhaps the most intellectual of the bunch Of the communist revolutionaries that overthrew and took over Russia The truth is they never had even close to majority of the population behind them About 20% They didn't even have a majority of the quote unquote workers behind them And even though a number of them would serve time in Siberia the fact is that their efforts were not taken seriously enough until it was too late Trotsky was among the most vicious of them but they were all quite vicious When Lennon took over as I said he would soon get 6 relatively shortly thereafter Stalin would eventually replace Lenin through a number of connivance and assassinations and Trotsky would originally become the head of the military The Red Army but he fell out of favor Because he had a different ideological view of Marxism than did Stalin Stalin's view was more akin to a strong man and a single political party the Communist Party which would be the state the party is the state And that party would be a permanent fixture That would in essence ensure that the Marxist economic system and all the rest of it would be enshrined and be complied with

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