Daily Caller: Chuck Todd Removed From MSNBC's 'Meet the Press'


Now something interesting has happened with chuck Todd The daily caller MSNBC removes host chuck Todd's meet the depressed daily quote unquote from cable lineup this is K Smith MSNBC chuck Todd's meet the press daily plays streaming only option for viewers and changing the name to meet the press now I guess he's going the way of Chris Wallace I don't know But he'll still have a Sunday show which has no ratings Meet the press hosted by chuck Todd is moving from the 1 p.m. Eastern Time cable slot to 4 p.m. slot on the streaming service according to The Hollywood Reporter In other words they're burying it MSNBC is reportedly rebranding the 1 p.m. hour to MSB and correspondent and anchor Chris Jensen will lead the new show the outlet continued Wasn't he chasing like perverts for years mister producer Remember him Huh Oh it's a female What was that other guy Chris something or other Chris Hansen that's it So Chris Jansen is a birthing person Switch up is set to take place On May 26th the hill reported And the network will also start producing a podcast called meet the press now Make the press now Can't wait NBC News is the leader in streaming news NBC News president Noah Oppenheim stated Since our launch we've been committed to delivering the best of NBC News journal that Well you failed you jerk Free to streaming audiences everywhere Broadcast actors to see the massive potential of streaming Meet the press daily franchise to NBC News now reinforces the platform status as the destination for news on

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