Salem Media Signs Brandon Tatum to Replace Larry Elder


Big Salem news as I mentioned Larry elder is in this movie. Larry retired from radio and we had some big shoes to fill as a company, the great Carl Jackson has been kind of holding down the fort while the nationwide search was conducted and that search has concluded. Salem media group announced that we have signed Brandon Tatum to replace Larry. Phil Boyce, who's appears on this show once in a while, my boss, the Salem senior VP of spoken words, said Salem conducted a nationwide search, some very big names were interested in taking this important slot, Brandon Tatum brings a unique talent to Salem, has a strong following among the nation's youth with his involvement with turning point USA, his compelling story is riveting, the officer Tatum show as it's known online has a huge following over 3 million followers on various social media platforms. So congratulations to the cofounder of blexit, the blexit movement, Brandon Tatum, who will be replacing Larry elder here on the Salem radio network. And kudos again to Carl Jackson, who did a fine job filling in for car for

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