U.S. Truckers Convoy Does Not Want a Repeat of Ottawa


This has been an incredible experience for me to talk to grassroots Americans who know that this is more than a convoy. This is a movement. And as I visited with Maureen Steele and Brian brazzo and others who've organized the various convoys that have sort of converged here in Hagerstown this weekend, I got a sense of how determined they are to form a movement. They want to call it an accountability movement, a movement where those representatives and election elected officials who vote to continue the unconstitutional emergency powers and the mandates and the lockdowns are held accountable. The voters need to hear from these politicians and the organizers know it and these grassroots Americans behind me know it as well. We saw a little bit of drama with a couple of trolls pretending to be safety officials urging them to all move out at 3 o'clock and of course that wasn't happening. That was one of Maureen Steele's big concerns as she told me. They don't want Ottawa here. They don't want to disrupt anything. They just want Americans, voices to be heard against the government overreach that we've been witnessing for the last two years with shot shock and horror. No politician should tell another American that they can not sustain their job the way they make a living because they don't want to inject a medicine in their veins or they don't want to wear a mask or they don't want to follow these incredibly overreaching draconian guidelines and that's what this movement is

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