CBS News: Conservative Think Tank's Exclusive Gathering Excludes Trump


From Robert cost of CBS and his reverend costo used to be a conservative he used to write for national review he used to be at the pubic broadcasting service now he's partnered with he's sort of the new Bernstein with Woodward and Bernstein But he's over at CBS So he really can't decide where he wants to be I suppose Now all that said conservative think tanks exclusive gathering will include Biden official but not Trump This is how sick these people are Let me repeat This is how sick these people are A private off the record gathering of conservative leaders and wealthy donors will convene this week in sea isle Georgia With appearances by a Biden White House of fish won several critics of former president Donald Trump This is the American enterprise institute So all you conservatives and big donors who are giving money to the American enterprise institute you should stop Trump is not invited to the exclusive event which will be attended by some of the Republican Party's biggest donors according to two people familiar with the event who are not authorized to discuss it of course not The conservative American enterprise industry It's not really conservative It's more sort of center right Their annual world forum this year will be held at the cloister a high end hotel complex in sea island And feature invite only discussions meals and access to miles of private beach must be tough mister producer The schedule for this year's form was obtained by CBS News the center for public integrity a nonprofit watchdog that focuses on corruption abuses of Paris described the gathering as a secretive event Where industry Titans and GOP mega donors mingled with mostly Republican power players at an exclusive off the record

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