Have Wealthy Societies Historically Embraced 'Wokeism'?


Of history, I'm curious, you mentioned the French Revolution. There has there been times ever in history. Where a very wealthy society decides to embrace this kind of woke ideology, something similar to woken. Does that make sense? I mean, there was a legitimate reason to get rid of the bourbons. And they looked at there were a lot of moderate people and they looked at the British system and they said, you can have a monarchy compatible with a constitutional republic. And that was eminently possible in 1787. And then you had these cycles of revolution where today's revolutionary would be tomorrow's sellout. You just want more robespierre was killed by the very people who used to support him, right? And basically got liquidated him and his brother in about 1400. And they applauded for ten minutes. The legend goes. They did. And then those cycles kept going and then you always are into it. So what does that mean for us then? Well, it always ends because chaos is unsustainable. So Napoleon ended it. Very brilliant fashion. He just said, I am the revolution, I'm going to make all the total power. I'm going to create a military academy that's going to be based on Napoleon. It's just like Stalin stopped it.

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