K. T. McFarland: How Does Putin Read the Current Conflict?


KT and I talk every Friday we talk national security. We talk Trump. We talk scotch. One thing we haven't talked about. I'm looking at a post of yours online. It's as Biden once regime change. U.S. Intel brags about targeting Russian generals for Ukraine kills. Lindsey Graham and sis on Putin's unconditional surrender. They may be right, but they are unintentionally goading Putin into expanding the war, question mark. Let's talk about that for a second. Putin doesn't look stable. These things may be the kind of finger in the chest things that set them off. What do you think, KT? Yeah. It's not what's right or what's just. It's what's likely to happen. Should Ukraine win? Yes. Should Russia lose shift? Should Putin be kicked out of absolutely. But what's likely to happen? Lindsey Graham says, well, there's no negotiated solution that we want. It's either unconditional surrender. But how does Putin read this? He reads it a couple of ways. One, he's been in power so long that he identifies himself as Russia. So when somebody says regime change and when it looks like they're helping target Russian generals, he looks at that as an assault against the Russian homeland. And for that, the Russian vaccine says you can use whatever weapons you want. Weapons of asset strikes and nuclear weapons is if somebody is coming after the Russian homeland. And number two, who knows how stable he is. He's been, he's made miscalculations throughout. This is a different Vladimir Putin. So 20 years, he's really had a very bad hand at poker, but he's played it really well. This is the first time that he's miscalculated on his army on Ukrainian resistance. What would happen with NATO? And so he's now facing a very sort of back up against the wall position.

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