How Your Favorite Movies Reveal God With Frank Turek


Folks, I'm excited. I get to talk to a friend of mine, Frank turret. He has written a book with his son, evidently, Frank Turk has written a book with Zach turret. It's called Hollywood heroes, brand new book, Hollywood heroes, how your favorite movies reveal God Frank Turk. Welcome to the program and how does young Frankenstein reveal God? It's always great being with you, Eric. What a question. I always want to start out with a real jerk question. This is a Frankenstein book because it's my son and I together doing it, and he's actually now 34 years old in the air force. And already seminary grad, and he's a movie buff. So he said, dad, we got to do a book on movies, how they all point to the ultimate hero Jesus. They said, we're on. Let's do it. Well, a good movie, you know, has to conform to the laws of reality and to the laws of narrative and whatever. And there's no way you escape pointing to God since he's the author of reality. But most people don't know that, which is why you wrote a book about it called Hollywood heroes. Exactly. And we go through the big superhero movies, Eric, we're going through Captain America, Iron Man, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Batman, Star Wars Wonder Woman, and they all point to the ultimate hero Jesus. Superman's in there as well, by

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