Did FBI Target Parents Despite Garland's Sworn Testimony?


Breaking last night from congressman Jim Jordan, who's going to be joining the show next week when Charlie is back. From his much needed vacation, he's going to be detailing what he's uncovered. There is a whistleblower, a smoking gun with new information that shows the FBI used terrorism tools to target concerned parents. This is despite attorney general Merrick Garland's assurances to Congress, under sworn testimony, mind you that the Department of Justice was not using its resources to target concerned parents. And now a whistleblower is confirming that the FBI has labeled dozens of you as with a special counter terrorism label in its investigation. Now, I want to play some sound here to build this out. Now, how did we get here? Let's play cut one 12. This is Jim Jordan on Jesse watters prime time last night, play cut one 12. And again, if you're a mom, you're a dad, you're a gun owner, you're a Republican, and you're standing up for your kids. Oh my goodness, look out because here comes the FBI. And again, in a direct contradiction to what he told us under oath in the committee. And never forget that this Jesse, look, remember how quickly this happened. September 29th, the school board association sends a letter to the Biden White House. 5 days later, October 4th, Merrick Garland issues this memorandum that lays out this snitch line together, go after parents, and then 16 days later, the FBI sends out the email that's establishes this threat tag designation that was put on these parents. All that happened last fall in 22 days. When have you ever seen the federal government move that fast? So they moved that fast because they were going after people. As you just pointed out, just like the Obama White House went after a new Obama IRS went after conservative same dynamic here,

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