David McCormick Enjoys Grassroots Campaigning in Pennsylvania


You think you have a pretty good ground game because in the end that's what I think it's going to take I think I do Yeah the reason I say that is I think we've recruited great folks in every county And my approach to this from the very first day when we talked was I've had a lot of media and ads on TV but I have literally been in this damn pickup truck And I've put 25,000 miles on it I've driven down diners Today I did two diners a coffee shop a VFW and those stops are where you get the word of mouth You get the local media hits And you begin to build out this army of volunteers So I feel good about it But this is my first time running So when I feel like I get in a room and talk to people I feel like they're responding I feel like they're taking my message and I feel like I'm leaving with her vote But we got a long way to go This is how a lot of politicians who were really first time runners they weren't politicians to begin with This is how many of them get elected you know Going and doing the kind of grassroots meeting people speaking to people small groups churches restaurants and diners and so forth This is how many of them have gotten elected And so this is your plan I take it This is my plan And you know you learn I've never run for anything So you learn pretty quickly whether you like it And I like it Every day I meet somebody who inspires

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