Joy Reid Resorts to Calling Elon Musk Racist


Check out joy Reid. The thing is the only enjoyment they get out of being in this town square is being able to harass people, being able to attack people. There was a time when people had the double hashtags around their names because they were Jewish and right wingers were saying get in the oven anytime you made any benign comment on Twitter. They attacked women. The misogyny was crazy on Twitter for a while. Elon Musk, I guess he, you know, he misses the old South Africa in the 80s. He wants that back. Elon Musk misses the old South Africa from the 80s. He's pro apartheid right joy. He's a racist. That's all they got. It's all they got. And the irony of that bitter vicious, nasty, vitriolic woman. Claiming that conservatives want Twitter so we can attack people, she is the pit bulldog of MSNBC. She's the attack dog that's the junkyard dog that will take your arm off if you're a conservative and you get within ten feet of her.

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