Jesse Watters: Dems Need a New Way to Stifle Freedom & Take Control


Of all Twitter silence the New York Post for the bombshell report on the Biden laptop from hell. You know, the laptop that's now been verified by The New York Times in The Washington Post. You weren't allowed to share, read that report before the election. You know, that was dangerous, misinformation, probably from Russia. You remember all the CIA spooks told us that? It aired all the Biden family dirty laundry if Donald Trump Jr. did it. Slice of that stuff, it would have been toast. Twitter didn't want you to know about the Chinese diamond that they bribed the big guys sun with or the 10%. They were holding for the big guy. They didn't want that information spreading. So with one push of a button poof, millions of Americans, voters never saw it. And Joe just cruises into The White House. Some would say installed. Now that power is gone and the left is going to do anything they can to get it back. You think they're going down without a fight? There's already been a bunch of liberals saying they're going to boycott Twitter. Who cares? They're not going anywhere. It's just like the people who said they'd moved to Canada when Trump was elected. Instead, they'll spend the next few years smearing the guy trying to make change for the better. Expect to see more coordinated attacks against Musk. He's the new Trump. He's the new Putin probably. He's going to be in their crosshairs now more than ever. With two big elections coming up, Democrats need a new way to stifle freedom. And take control.

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