Remembering the Success of 'Rescuing Sprite'


And I wrote rescuing Sprite before I wrote liberty and tyranny Because our dogs bright passed away and I didn't want to write What would become known as liberty and tyranny I was not in the mood to write at all I just don't handle these things very well He's kind of keep to myself But what happened was the first week it came out rescuing Sprite sold an enormous number of books for a dog book by me just because I'm a dog person but I'm not like a dog expert People didn't expect the book like that for me But the book did extremely well The many went to A local rescue much of it went to rescues throughout the country I was attacked for what was it pay for play right mister And then we keep the money How is that paid That doesn't matter So anyway we sold ten to 15,000 more books than ten rogo But there was no way the New York slimes and its and its invisible faceless leftists who make these decisions about the list no way they were going to allow Mark Levin and his dog book to beat Tom Brokaw So that first week they gave us number three And broke all number two Even though that we were number two and broke always number three

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