Getting to Know Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States


Let's dig in. This was a speech that was given by Gerald Ford president of the United States in 1977. It was January. It was his State of the Union, and I think he went ahead and took it to the State of the Union because Gerald Ford has an interesting perspective of being the only person ever to serve as president. And vice president, both, and never be elected to those offices. He was a member of the House of Representatives when Spiro Agnew resigned from the vice president. He was appointed by Richard Nixon to become vice president after Richard Nixon resigned. He taking again through the Twenty-fifth Amendment became president of the United States. So he serves as the only person to have ever served as president of this country without actually being elected. We've had some who have ascended to those roles, but if they actually served, if they serve later, they were actually president, but this was one in which he was actually appointed to the vice president's role, not elected to that vice president's role. So in moving up, it makes it makes an interesting anomaly in history. But it also sort of fits one Gerald Ford. If you look into his background, you look into where he came from. He's a midwesterner, raised in mission, Grand Rapids, went to school at the University of Michigan, played football there was a star football player. In fact, one two national titles there undefeated football teams at the University of Michigan after that went to Yale law school and then served in the United States Navy during World War II came out and began his service in the United States House where he served over 25 years before he was picked to be vice president and president.

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