Migrants Arrive in D.C. On Buses Sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott


Debbie and I are talking about the border crisis. And it seems like governor Abbott had sort of well, I don't know if you'd call it an naughty idea or a little bit of an in your face idea. But his idea was, listen, you know, if the Biden administration is importing all these people because they want him in this country, well, maybe they should have to deal with them directly. And so Abbott's idea and apparently the first Texas bus. Put the migrants in the bus. Now you can't force them. So it's the migrants who agree to go. Voluntarily, and the first bus drops them off blocks from the U.S. capitol building. Apparently Fox News found out that this particular bus of migrants came from the Del Rio sector, but there were people in there from Columbia from Cuba from Nicaragua from Venezuela. They apparently had all these wristbands, and so when they got there, the bus driver was like, let's cut off your wristband. You're free to roam the streets of D.C.. So I mean, this is kind of a nightmare. And I think Abbott is only doing what he can do within his limited jurisdiction to say, listen, you want him, you got him. Right. Well, did you hear Jen Psaki talking about it? She acted like, oh yes, it's great. It's a great idea. So I think that they're trying to play a little game here because they're wanting to pretend like it's not like it's a good thing. Even though they know it's bad for them, it looks really horrible. The optics are just awful.

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