Mike Gallagher Runs Into 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair


If you're watching us on Salem news channel, this guy comes down the aisle and he sits next to me right across the aisle and he's got all these big expensive rings on and a big gold watch and he's an older gentleman with like very flamboyant. He's got like a blue Paisley sport coat that looked like like he's in show business. And everybody in the plane is talking about him. Everybody's watching him. Everybody's looking at him and my seatmate really nice guy. He was a criminal defense attorney from Pittsburgh, Steve was my seat mate who didn't have a mask on incidentally, so I didn't have to ask and I know people got mad at me 'cause I was ready to ask if it was a little old lady with the mask on. Would you feel more comfortable if I wore a mask? Now that we don't have a mask mandate for now, but I'd have to worry about that. And nobody had a mask on, including the guy. So if you're watching on the Salem news channel, we'll try to put the first sneaky picture up. I snuck a picture, the poor guy is like closing his. If you can see him over my shoulder, kind of white hair blond white hair and then after I realized who he was and the guy next to me says, that's Rick nature boy flair. That's a superstar of the W and I think he was a superstar back in the day when it was still the WWF, right? World Wrestling Federation. Yep, Ric Flair, so he's a great guy. He was polite to everybody nice, great personality, and then I took a selfie with him and it's so funny. The selfie is even funnier because there's a guy behind me that looks like where's Waldo and he's looking over my right shoulder. It's the creepiest picture, but Ric Flair was very gracious, I said, mister flair, which he has not called me mister flair, I'm Rick.

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