A New Respect for the Original Founder of Twitter


This is really something this next story I appreciate this, you know? I had kind of written Jack Dorsey off, but lately he's become a little bit more entertaining and perhaps a little bit more authentic. There are some pretty strong words, tweets, thoughts, from Jack Dorsey out this week. He was alleging an exchange on social media on none other than Twitter. The company he founded that he's on the board of and is about to step down from, that CNN created conflict during protests in Ferguson, Missouri. Remember that way back in, I guess it was 2014. So this was a thread about CNN and fake news, endorsing said, and I quote here, I know this from being on the streets of Ferguson during the protests and watching them try to create conflict and film it, causing the protesters to chant F CNN. It all started because CNN's media reporter, Brian stelter over there said, and I quote Tucker Carlson is always selling the same thing. This was a reference to a piece that he tweeted out about how Fox was trying to effectively sell doubt. And Dorsey wrote back and said, and you are all selling hope? In other words, I think he gets it? These mainstream media companies are all trying to sell something. And by the way, is not hope. I mean, he's being sarcastic there because you know, CNN is on one side of things. You get Fox on the other, but they're all, this is why I love, by the way, independent media. Again, make sure that you subscribe to this channel and to this podcast. But you know, they're all kind of, they've got bigger agendas. Anyway, newsmax is correspondent Alex salvi took to his Twitter account and accused Dorsey of trying to defend Carlson and then Dorsey responded saying, you know what? Quote, not defending a thing. And added up that he was adding that he was just holding up a mirror. So just a mirror at what they're all trying to do.

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