Finally, After the Election, NYT Admits Hunter Biden's Laptop Is Real


Let's talk about another aspect. Of Russia and the Ukraine. Remember that company barista even a Joe Rogan is in on the deal. This is Joe's final recognition that what we knew a year and a half ago, even The New York Times is confirming it. I mean, New York Times just now is admitting that the Hunter Biden laptop is real. And, you know, we remember from the debates with Trump bringing it up to Biden, and Biden saying it's a lie. A flat out lie. Everybody knew it was a lie. The New York Post had that story that was banned from Twitter, which was just outright crazy, that one of the oldest newspapers in the country. Yeah, and I don't think anybody's going to go back and apologize to them. No, no one's apologizing. Oldest newspaper actually in the land founded by Alexander Hamilton. Now The New York Times admits that that story is correct.

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