How James Biden Invoked Joe Biden's Name to Secure $140M Deal


Here's an interesting headline in the Biden's brother was hired to broker secret $140 million Saudi deal when Joe was veep. Docs revealed. Now I want to commend the New York Post because they do great reporting led by the inimitable Miranda divine on Hunter Biden, the Biden cramp crime family, all the various rackets from Ukraine, to China, and now Saudi Arabia. But this latest headline is an article, but it refers to the reporting of the daily mail. This is the daily mail in London. They apparently broke the story and what is the story? Well, first of all, it's interesting that the story comes out in a dispute between two parties that seem unrelated. One is a construction company that is called hill, a hill international. And this company is having a fight with its lawyers, and its lawyers are called Langford and Reed. Now, what is the fight about? Basically Langford and Reed says the following. They say that the hill international company made a big deal in Saudi Arabia. I did a major construction project. We're owed a 140 $1 million. But the Saudis evidently for whatever reason refused to pay there was some problem or some argument. And so there was a negotiation going on between the lawyers, which is Langford and Reid and the Saudis about getting that money. And the lawyers thought that they had worked out that the Saudis would not pay the full amount they'd pay a $100 million, but suddenly heal a national win silent and go, no, no, no, let's just drop the whole matter. They kind of forgot about it. They acted as if to say they never got any money. And as it turns out, and this is really what Langford and Reed is alleging, hill international thought of or different scheme. We know how to get this money out of the Saudis. We'll hire James Biden and leveraging his relationship and of course his access to Joe Biden, who's the vice president, will get the Saudis to offer us a deal under the table, and then we won't have to split the money with our lawyers.

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