Newsmax's John Bachman Shares a Memory of R.E.M.


High school, Aryan was just getting started in Athens. Okay, the B-52s, you know, Ariana would just get started. And Michael saw it and the rest of them would play and you brought up this and I want you to emphasize this a little bit. 40 watt club. Georgia club. I mean, the not owl, which used to be out for country out there off of full 41 north. We're seeing and there's still all those scenes today. These new bands, these new, you know, that new music is coming out of. But Michael sobbing and they would do a buddy of mine, Steve McNeil, he used to go down and to Athens and they would play a set and then they'd sit out in the bar and just hang out with everybody. And that was another cool thing too about it is, you know, I never got the chance to see REM play at the 40 watt and one of those impromptu sets. But what I did see is a lot of members of REM and other bands, David schools, or Mike Mills, or maryam, just hanging out at the bars. And when I would go, I mean, I remember there was a brief period of time and I believe it was the summer of 2000 spring of 2000. I had gone to see a band called the old 97s at the 40 watt, and I was going up to the bar to grab a beer and I looked over and it's Mike Mills next to me and I kind of gave him a nod and a knowledge we was, he obviously had no idea who I was. And then a little while later, radiohead played a concert at Stone Mountain in a very small venue. It was amazing to be there. And I saw Mike Mills again, he kind of bumped into each other, and it was that sign, again, he didn't know who I was, but he knew that I knew who he was and we had both been too amazing concerts and brief period of time and he kind of gave me that sign of acknowledgment like, all right, kid. You obviously have good choice in music.

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