Garbage tarnishes Paris luster as pension strike continues


The city of light is losing its luster as tons of garbage piles up along the streets of Paris as sanitation workers strike for a 9th day, the creeping scholar is the most visible sign of widespread anger over a bill to raise the French retirement age by two years. Tourists Nadia tour says the smell in sight definitely affected her visit for the worse. But she sees the reason behind the mess. For us for tourists and for the locals. But if it does the job, then why not? I mean, it's for the cause. Lindale from Texas doesn't think the strikes are making a difference. There's got to be a better way than to just let it pile up and stop your job. It doesn't seem to be doing any good. Strikes in France have intermittently hobbled other sectors, including transport energy and ports. But French president Emmanuel Macron remains undaunted as his government presses ahead with trying to get the unpopular pension reform bill passed in parliament. I'm Karen Chammas

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