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First up, we hear from Nico, who called in from Cincinnati, and as a bonus, Natalie hopped on the line too. So I actually did this without even telling Natalie that I was calling surprise you're on the air. But yeah, but dinner problem that we've been having recently Natalie's kind of had some more dietary restrictions come up dairy has been the main culprit and so I called them to see if there's some way that we can take some of our best and most favorite and most trusted Bon Appetit recipes. And make them dairy free because the ways that we've been doing it so far are not not the best. Not the best. Okay, so you've been cooking through Bon Appetit recipes, but you've been tried to adapt to them to be dairy free yourselves. And within the realm of dairy free is that just like a hard no? Is it some things are okay? What does that look like for you? It's kind of evolved over the past couple of years. It started out for me as a dietary choice and then when I tried to go back, I just couldn't go back so I'm like, is it because I cut dairy out or was it inevitable? I don't really know, but it used to be more of like I couldn't tolerate ice cream and things that were really dairy heavy and rich, but now it's translated and it's like I can't even tolerate a tablespoon of butter or cheese or anything. So it's just gotten progressively worse. Talk to me about some of the recipes that are your favorites where you feel like you've come up short with your substitutions. So I have a list for you, Chris, of some of our favorite. We love a list. Recipes. And this is not all of them, but this is our tried and true. We have a whole binder full of Bon Appetit recipes. So tell me the top recipes on that list of years. So the one that comes to mind the most immediately spicy sweet pork sambal noodles that is a tried and true recipe for us. Okay. That uses butter and then some other good ones, one of our favorites is the pasta. It would be crispy mushrooms. That's an Andy berry recipe, right? I believe. Okay. Heavy cream is in that one and butter. We also have been enjoying polenta a lot. And that's something that we really have no idea how to make dairy free and still have it taste like it would with dairy, you know? And then another one on the dessert side of things is BA's best chocolate chip cookie recipe. And chickpea soup with celery and chili oil. This one is perfect, but we've found that the yogurt in that recipe is like what really brings it alive. So that one's been hard. Okay. And when you've been making substitutions, like, for example, in the sweet and spicy sambal pork noodles, those might use a couple tablespoons of butter at the end to kind of bring it together correct. Yeah. What we've tried so far, we do instead and it's a great finisher to use butter and it kind of brings it alive and gives it a great texture and the ghee doesn't really satisfy that. Yeah, I would agree. It's still great even without the butter. The bigger things for me are the ones that are very dairy heavy. Like the pasta with heavy cream and the soup we love that soup, but without the yogurt. It's hot. It's still good. Of course. It's just a little tea. That pop of cool tangy, creamy yogurt, just offsetting the savory deep richness and intensity and that kind of vegetal forward celery based soup. I can see why you appreciate that. Because I appreciate that as a sort of foil myself. Is Parmesan and very firm aged cheeses. Those are also off the table, Natalie. I think I'm getting to that point. I'm not quite there yet. I used to be able to tolerate any type of cheese and I can't anymore, which is devastating because I love cheese so much. But as of now, I can still tolerate a parm, but in smaller quantities. You know, dairy, it's interesting, right? Because there's a number of different applications here that all kind of showcase a different side of what dairy is capable of when it comes to cooking both sweet and savory. Have you experimented with cashew cream, things of that sort, like making that yourself? No, actually, yeah, it would definitely be something I would be compelled to explore. That's good to know. Okay, well, listen, I'm going to do some work on my end and then we will be giving you a call back. Hopefully in another week or two. And talking through some options for you, okay? Thanks. Thanks. Now, I'm no stranger to dairy free recipes, but I'm an omnivore, so they're not always my go to. I knew that for this challenge, I needed someone who is more than familiar

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