Why Author Mark Shaw Sought the Truth in the JFK Assassination


For folks who don't know anything about you, how did you get into this? Because anybody who's been alive in our lifetimes know that there's been tremendous controversy and confusion around certainly the death of president Kennedy, the death of Marilyn Monroe, and many people haven't even heard of Dorothy kill gallon. What brought you? What is your background that brought you to investigate these things as you have done over the years? Well, you ask about how I got into all of this and I have no idea in some ways very Quinn. President Kennedy was killed 60 years ago, you know, nearly 60 years ago or a little bit more. You know, I like everybody else. I cried my ears out. I was a Purdue university as a freshman. And yet over the years then, I bought all this material about J. Edgar Hoover saying Oswald alone. Oswald alone all of that and everything else. And then I had a real break with this because I knew Melvin Belli, who represented Jack Ruby, who shot Lee Harvey Oswald. I practiced law with him in San Francisco in the 80s. And when Belle I died, I started to look into his life and times and I found out that I could have a book there. So I wrote Melvin bell I king of the courtroom. And what I found out was the alarming, a couple things. First of all, he was very close with the mafia, one of his main clients was Mickey Cohen, the Los Angeles gangster. You're talking about but more than talking about Bella, are you talking about Marvin belli was close with the mafia? Melvin bell. Melvin Belli. Bella. Yeah. San Francisco attorney, but also he was known as a tort lawyer. He was a personal injury lawyer. How in the world I asked myself, I mean, you're a curious guy. How did he become Jack Ruby's attorney? So I started looking into that and what I found out was that actually he was a hired by those who wanted to silence Jack Ruby for his participation in the killing of Oswald and the JFK assassination. So

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